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At Panaaya Pharma, we are always thriving to promote products which benefit the environment. 

We have our own set of herbal extracts and skin care essentials, and have also partnered with Saathi, an eco-friendly manufacturer of hygiene products, which shares similar views on providing people with environment-friendly options of essential items used in our daily lives. 

Saathi is a next generation consumer packaged goods company with a mission to provide high quality, affordable hygiene to all with zero impact on the environment. They believe in a cradle to cradle approach to women’s health that benefits farmers, women and their communities at every step. Their production plant is totally women operated, providing employment to hundreds. 

The products listed here are available for white labeling and bulk orders. Connect with us for more information.

Bamboo Pads


Pads that are good for your body, environment + community!

Body: Saathi pads are perfume-free and unbleached with natural materials that are carefully chosen for sensitive skin and lasting comfort.

(Pssst...No more itching & rashes!)

Environment: Saathi pads are made with plant-based materials, like bamboo fiber, instead of plastic. This makes them biodegradable!

Community: By purchasing Saathi pads, you also give the gift of biodegradable pads to women in rural communities.


The Saathi cup is made of 100% Medical Grade VI Silicone and worn internally like a tampon, but collects rather than absorbs your period. Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, rinse, and reinsert the cup for another 10 to 12 hours of protection.

Unlike any other menstrual hygiene product, it doesn't cause rashes and itchiness.

Best Menstrual Cup
Biodegradable Garbage Bags


Currently, the world is at a critical stage with rapidly changing weather due to global warming. Most of the waste produce today is non-degradable plastic that takes thousands of years to completely break down in the soil.

In order to compel with the dire need for plastics, Panaaya promotes one of the greatest innovations of the century- 100% Biodegradable Garbage Bags by Saathi. 

These bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic/polythene garbage bags.  


The menstrual cycle is a phase of unsettling mood swings.

'Peace & Calm Wellness Tea – A peaceful mind is the key to efficient and happy living’. Given the present situation, with increased pollution, the body is in dire need of the right nutrition, care, detox, and frequent cleansing.

In collaboration with Saathi, Panaaya brings you a refreshing herbal tea to calm your senses.

Menstrual tea

The hygiene products mentioned above are available for white label and bulk orders. Get in touch with us for further information.

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